With the vast resources available in Northeast Louisiana, we are able to provide you with many quality services.

Northeast Louisiana boasts a major east-west interstate serving the area, along with its many other resources, including four ports and navigable waterways, skilled and available workers, technical and community colleges, three universities and low business costs. This, as well as Louisiana being a “Right to Work” state, makes the region a natural for industry.

As one of Louisiana’s eight state regional economic development regions, Northeast Louisiana Economic Alliance works diligently in linking its communities to opportunities and jobs whether it is in recruitment, job retention or expansion.

Buildings & Sites

Through our industrial parks Northeast Louisiana local communities and businesses are cooperating with each other in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution, efficiently share resources (such as information, materials, water, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources), and help achieve sustainable development, with the intention of increasing economic gains and improving environmental quality.


A qualified, skilled and motivated team of employees is the most sought after resource for businesses. And it can be the leading factor contributing to a company’s success. The Northeast Parishes continue to set the standard in many of the employment fields in the state of Louisiana. With an educated and highly skilled work force, we are prepared to take on any of the challenges that may face our region. From medical to industrial technologies and all fields in between, we have a work force that can contribute to your business success.


An infrastructure base of utilities has been designed to meet the future demands of businesses before they arise. The telecommunications infrastructure in the region rivals any, making this region a leader for telecommunications industry. With accessibility and competitive pricing for natural gas, a nearly inexhaustible water supply and electricity, Northeast Louisiana is a reliable area for business.

Incentives & Programs

Providing a pro-business environment is key to a region’s success. In Northeast Louisiana, there is a long tradition of investing in the community and its people. State and local governments understand the importance of a successful business because with that success, growth in the economy follows. Businesses are offered several incentives in Northeast Louisiana from taxes and employment education programs to aggressive public programs that invest in training and infrastructure. Northeast Louisiana is a place where businesses get more for their investment, whether they’re relocating or expanding.


Government officials of Parishes throughout Northeast Louisiana are dedicated to serving the public with the best transportation and water resources possible. We are committed to teamwork, quality, integrity, professionalism, innovation and excellence in serving our communities. Through our excellent transportation, water resources, and public works systems, we have brought Northeast Louisiana forward. We have exceeded businesses’ expectations and we intend to continue to lead the state in public works to enhance the quality of life and economic growth.

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