Morehouse Parish

Morehouse Parish lies mostly in the Mississippi River delta land in northeast Louisiana.

Morehouse Parish lies mostly in the Mississippi River delta land in northeast Louisiana, amply irrigated by numerous streams and bayous. It is bounded by the State of Arkansas on the North, West Carroll Parish on the east, Richland and Ouachita Parishes on the south, and Union Parish on the west.

Morehouse Parish is home to nearly 28,000 people. Bastrop is the parish seat of Morehouse Parish and it is truly a community of new vision. As you drive through the parish, you will see flourishing crops of corn, cotton, rice, soybeans and sweet potatoes. The scenic drives are breathtaking as you wind through the oak and pine trees along the bayous and swamps filled with cypress trees and hanging Spanish moss. Wildlife is in abundance here from the ground to the sky. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Morehouse Parish.

Agriculture related businesses are currently predominant in the area, with cotton, corn, soybeans, sweet potatoes, rice, and sorghum.  Timber is also a renewable resource in the parish.  A wide range of terrain can be seen from the long ridge that signals the start of the Mississippi Delta, where hills and scenic bayous frame the agricultural land that dominate the east side of Morehouse Parish.

Parish Seat



Town of Bastrop – Mayor Betty Alford-Olive
Town of Collinston – Mayor Christopher Carter
Town of Mer Rouge – Mayor John D. McAdams, III
Town of Bonita – Mayor Virgil Penn
Town of Oak Ridge – Mayor Malcolm Williams

Parish Government

Morehouse Parish Police Jury
P.O. Box 509
Bastrop, LA 71221
Telephone: (318) 281-4132
Fax: (318) 283-1243

President – Terry R. Matthews
Vice President – Floyd Tromboli
Secretary – Shasidee Phillips

Police Jury Members
District 1: Floyd Tromboli
District 2: Harry Reese, Sr.
District 3: Mark Sistrunk
District 4: Jack Cockrell
District 5: Jason Crockett
District 6: Terry R Matthews
District 7: Isaac Gray

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Contact this Parish

Morehouse Economic Development Corporation
Capital One Bank Building, Suite A
101 South Franklin Street
Bastrop, Louisiana 71220
Telephone: 318-283-4000
Fax: 318-283-0651

For more information, contact the following partners listed in the partners section

  • Morehouse – Bastrop Chamber of Commerce
  • Morehouse Economic Development
  • Bastrop Main Street

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Quick Facts about Morehouse Parish
Land area 794.2 square miles (508,361 acres)
Water area 11.0 square miles (7,008 acres)
Location Latitude 32.82 degrees North, Longitude 91.80 degrees West.
Estimated population (2011) 27,608
Major highways US Highway 65; US Highway 425; LA Highway 2
In 2011 health care was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $25,376.
Demographics for Morehouse Parish
People and Income Overview
(by place of residence)
Population (2011) 27,608
Growth (since 2010) -1.3%
Households (2011) 12,331
Labor Force (persons in 2011) 9,432
Unemployment Rate (2011) 15.2%
Per Capita Personal Income (2011) $15,842
Median Household Income (2011) $31,269
Poverty Rate (2011) 28.4%
High School Diploma or more – Adults 25+ (2011) 75.1%
Bachelor’s Degree or more – Adults 25+ (2011) 11.3%
Industry Overview (2011)
(by place of work)
Covered Employment 7,150
Average wage per job $27,976
Manufacturing – all jobs in Parish 8.5%
Average wage per job $20,800
Transportation and Warehousing – all jobs in Parish 1.2%
Average wage per job $39,988
Healthcare, Social Assistance – all jobs in Parish 28.2%
Average wage per job $25,376
Finance and Insurance – all jobs in Parish 2.4%
Average wage per job $38,012