Building Our Future

Through our industrial parks, communities and businesses are cooperating to increase economic gains and improving environmental quality.

The Road to Success

Government officials of Parishes throughout Northeast Louisiana are dedicated to serving the public with the best transportation possible.

The Louisiana Worker

With a qualified and skilled workforce, the Northeast Parishes continue to set the standard in many of the employment fields in the state of Louisiana.

Live, Work and Play

Long known as the sportsman’s paradise, Northeast Louisiana has many venues to offer the thrill seeker and outdoorsman.

Our partnership with Entergy

We are proud of our association with Entergy Corporation, not only because they support what we do in our 10 Parishes, but also because they are the premier company in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas that supports Economic Development. Entergy has Regional Directors who work with us on marketing to companies who may expand within Louisiana or from outside Louisiana into our beautiful state.

Entergy sponsored the development of the first and only state-owned mega site in our Region and built the website the state Department of Economic Development uses to post our sites and buildings to. The number of hits the site gets is phenominal and come from all over the world. This site was gifted to the state to improve the marketing abilities as well as the marketing opportunities of each Regional Economic Development Organization. We have been strong beneficiaries of Entergy’s efforts.

Our Region is less populous than other Regions. But our educational resources, job opportunities and efforts to bring in more is strong. There are a hosts of organizations helping to make it a reality. We are all in Economic Development: The Mayors, the Councils, the Chambers, the Workforce Investment Boards, the Planning Districts and the local economic developers in a few of our Parishes, like Kay King in Morehouse, Jon McKinney in Union, Sam Sheppard in Franklin. This year we lost Ryan Chappel of Caldwell, a tireless worker.

But the cernter piece of working with our organization on calls, conferences, assistance with marketing materials and professionalism is Entergy Corporation. Entergy leaders also serve our community with strong involvement in the organizations that touch economic development.

We are proud of this well-deserved recognition and want our readers to know.

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Become part of our growing alliance

Join with the Northeast Louisiana Economic Alliance in helping to promote and grow our regional resources leading to a vibrant economy.