Natural Gas

Louisiana Oil and Gas Pipelines

The pipeline industry is a vital part of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. Louisiana has an extensive pipeline network. Pipelines serve all facets of the industry and the consumers. Pipelines transport crude oil and natural gas from the wellhead to the processing plants and refineries. Pipelines transport natural gas from producing states such as Louisiana to utility companies, chemical companies and other users throughout the nation. Pipelines are used to transport refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel from refineries in Louisiana and other states to markets all over the country. Pipelines are also used to transport chemical products.

  • There are an estimated 25,000 miles of pipe moving natural gas through interstate pipelines.
  • There are 7,600 miles of pipelines that carry natural gas through intrastate pipelines to users within the state’s boundaries.
  • Another 3,450 miles of pipelines in Louisiana transport crude oil and crude oil products.
  • There are thousands of miles of flow lines and gathering lines moving oil and gas from the wellhead to separating facilities while other pipelines transport chemical products with no petroleum base.
  • The total assessed value of the interstate pipelines in Louisiana is $605 million, according to the Louisiana Tax Commission.
  • The pipeline industry employs 4,855 persons in Louisiana with an annual payroll of more than $250 million.
  • Louisiana is home to the world’s only offshore superport, Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, which allows supertankers to unload crude oil away from shore so that it can be transported via pipeline to onshore terminals.
  • The Henry Hub in Louisiana is a hub of pipelines and is the point where financial markets determine the value of natural gas.

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