Richland Parish

Richland Parish is located in the center of a of seven parishes in northeastern Louisiana; Parish seat is Rayville.

Richland Parish is located in the center of a of seven parishes in northeastern Louisiana; Parish seat is Rayville.

Richland Parish is a rural farming community whose people give special attention to their youth and to their elderly. Its history reflects a population that has overcome great odds in taming wild canebrakes and swamps and converting the rich soil underneath into the most productive farmland in an agricultural state. These resources are now being used to bring new businesses and jobs to the area so that future generations can continue to enjoy Richland Parish as a great place to call home. It is also home to the Franklin Farms Mega Site that consists of 1,440 acres and is located on I-20. There are roughly 4,000 additional acres located all around the primary site, all with one owner, perfect for supplier locations.

The Parish is located in northeast Louisiana in the area known as the North Louisiana Delta Country. It lies in the center of a circle of seven parishes with similar geographic characteristics. Starting with Morehouse to the north, and proceeding clockwise, the parishes are West Carroll, East Carroll, Madison, Franklin, and Caldwell, ending with Ouachita Parish to the west. The parish is covered by a network of slow meandering rivers, creeks, and bayous. The western half of the parish is part of the Ouachita and Boeuf Rivers floodplain, which varies from 60 to 75 feet above mean sea level. The eastern half of the parish lies on the Macon Ridge, which rises about 30 feet above the plain. The reddish soils of the flood plain are mainly deposits of alluvium that the Arkansas River carried down through the Boeuf River, and are very fine sandy loams. Waxy clay soils predominate along Bayou Lafourche. The Terrace soils of the Macon Ridge in the eastern half of the Parish are mainly silt loams, yellowish to buff in color.

Parish Seat



Town of Delhi – Mayor J. Lynn Lewis
Town of Mangham – Mayor Robert N. Harwell
Town of Rayville – Mayor Harry Lewis

Parish Government

Richland Parish Police Jury
P. O. Box 668
Rayville, LA 71269
Telephone: (318) 728-2061
Fax: (318) 728-7004

President – Althan Smith
Vice President – James S. “Steve” Lofton
Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Burns

Police Jury Members
District 1: Milton Linder
District 2: Jesse Washington
District 3: Sharon D. Gee
District 4: James S. Lofton
District 5: Fordon Medlin
District 6: Althan Smith
District 7: Ken McKay
District 8: Elliot Colvin
District 9: Ronald Gilley

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Contact this Parish

Rayville Town Hall
P. O. Box 878
Rayville, LA 71269
Telephone: (318) 728-2011
Fax: (318) 728-7503

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  • Town of Rayville Economic Development
  • Poverty Point Regional Economic Development

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Quick Facts about Richland Parish
Land area 558.5 square miles (357,442 acres)
Water area 6.1 square miles (3,873 acres)
Location Latitude 32.42 degrees North; Longitude 91.76 degrees West.
Estimated population (2011) 20,938
Major highways Interstate 20; US Highway 80; Louisiana Highways 15 and 17.
In 2010 retail trade was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $22,568.
Demographics for Richland Parish
People and Income Overview
(by place of residence)
Population (2011) 20,938
Growth (since 2010) 1%
Households (2011) 7,287
Labor Force (persons in 2011) 8,336
Unemployment Rate (2011) 9.0%
Per Capita Personal Income (2011) $18,066
Median Household Income (2011) $38,469
Poverty Rate (2011) 20.4%
High School Diploma or more – Adults 25+ (2000) 73.7%
Bachelor’s Degree or more – Adults 25+ (2000) 12.2%
Industry Overview (2011)
(by place of work)
Covered Employment 6,558
Average wage per job $30,316
Manufacturing – all jobs in Parish 10.6%
Average wage per job $37,804
Transportation and Warehousing – all jobs in Parish 5.6%
Average wage per job $38,792
Healthcare, Social Assistance – all jobs in Parish 0.7%
Average wage per job $36,693
Finance and Insurance – all jobs in Parish 5.7%
Average wage per job $33,424