Living in Louisiana

Northeast Louisiana offers a diverse lifestyle that fosters a great quality of life. The region offers an affordable cost of living well below the U.S. average, many religious institutions, world-class health care facilities, a variety of entertainment venues and housing choices that range from downtown urban living to outlying neighborhoods. The diversity of Northeast Louisiana means there’s something here for everyone.


Louisiana has a relatively constant semitropical climate. Rainfall and humidity decrease, and daily temperature variations increase, with distance from the Gulf of Mexico.


Education in Northeast Louisiana plays a crucial role with its people. We know that knowledge breeds success and with that in mind we have continued to support and facilitate a strong educational system that consist of excellent schools and teachers.


Healthcare is important in Northeast Louisiana, and we have a wide variety of clinics and hospitals to help support health and well-being in our region.


A sportsman’s paradise, Northeast Louisiana has many venues to offer the thrill seeker and outdoorsman. Great dining, entertainment, shopping and numerous social activities are just a few of the reasons why Northeast Louisiana is considered a great place to live.