Are you in compliance with the Affordable Care Act?

Health care reform is moving ahead full speed. With it comes complex HR compliance challenges for businesses. The confusion due to the countless delays, misinformation and false starts by the federal government has led many employers to question whether they are covered by the law’s mandate and, if so, to what extent.

LABI invites all business owners, brokers and HR professionals to join us for a presentation by health care economist Michael Bertaut of Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana about ACA compliance issues and trends and the direction business owners can expect with the employer mandate in his highly regarded presentation, “Business Compliance with the Affordable Care Act: Just How Far Behind Are You?”

Bertaut will address some basic and very important questions to help you better identify your obligations under ACA based on your size and the number of people you employ. This will make it easier to determine if your business is compliant with the Employer Mandate outlined in ACA.

Can’t make it? Watch the webinar.

If you can’t make it to the LABI Conference Center Nov. 13, make sure to watch the live webinar at